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The Ambassador

Friday, 27 February 2015



Given Name:     CONSTANTIN

Born: Athens 08.01.1956

Marital Status: Married to Ioanna Charikleia Giannakarou

- 1979 Political Sciences degree, Panteion University, Athens

- 1984 Law degree. Law school, University of Athens


1984-1985: Center of Diplomatic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1985-1989: Central Administration Protocol Department

1989-1994: Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Greece in Helsinki

1993:          Parallel accreditation to Estonia

1994-1997: Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Greece in Zagreb, Head of the Greek Delegation EUMM

1995:           Political Advisor to HoM of EUMM during French presidency

1997-1999: Consul General of Greece in Argyrokastron, Albania

1999:           Political Advisor to D5 Directorate for Environment

1999-2002: D3 Directorate: Desk for Stability Pact in the Balkans Working Table I

2002-2005: Senior Political Advisor and Interim Head of Mission of the European Union

Special Representative in Skopje, FYROM

2006-2009: Consul General of Greece in Leipzig, Germany

2009-2015: Consul General of Greece in Guangzhou, China

2015-2017: Director of B3 Directorate Economic Relations with Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Countries

2017- 2018: Director of A5 Directorate for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Caucasus, Black Sea countries and central Asia

2018 – To date: Ambassador-Designate of Greece to Japan

Languages: Full trilingual fluency French, English, Greek (mother tongue)

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