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Schengen Visa Requirements


1.Duly completed and signed application form & declaration (only Greek and English versions accepted).

2.Passport (Valid for at least three months after date of return to Japan, containing at least two blank visa pages and issued within the previous ten (10) years)+1 copy of bio data page.

3. Visa for Japan (and Re-entry permit to Japan, if needed), which must be valid for at least three (3) months from the scheduled date of return.  Temporary visitors are not entitled to apply for a visa to the Embassy in Japan.  Also the visa of the final country of destination (if needed) must be obtained before applying for a Schengen visa.

4. One (1) passport size high quality colour photo taken in 6 months with white back ground.
* The entire face, which must take up 70-80% of the photo, should be clear from the jaw to the fore-head and from the one ear to the other without hair covering the eyes, the eyebrows or any part of the person’s face, any shadings and light reflection. 
* Sunglasses and myopic glasses with colored lenses are prohibited.
* Please do not staple or glue the photo to the application form.

5. One of the following:
a. A letter of employment
* Headed letter with official seal (and/or name and position of signatory), date of issue, address, telephone number, etc. including date of employee, job title, salary and duration of annual leaves.
b. For self-employment or owner of a company, a copy of commercial registration as well as last income tax payment receipt or certificate.
c. Student registration certificate.
d. In case of unemployment, certificate of marriage or family registration with English translations as well as the passport and the employment certificate (Refer to 5. a) of the applicant’s spouse.

6. Recent bank statement for the last 6 months (or bank book + 1 copy for the last 6 months). In case of unemployment, same documents of the applicant’s spouse.

7. Round trip air ticket voucher or reservation certificate.

8. Confirmed Hotel reservation certificate in the Schengen area.

9. Confirmed itinerary.

10. Overseas travel insurance covering medical expenses as well as rescue and repatriation at least 30,000 Euro for each valid for the duration of stay.

11. Resident card +1 copy (or Alien registration card + 1 copy).

12. Besides the above-mentioned documents, the following documents are required according to the purpose of visit.
a. Business trip: A recommendation letter and statement from your employer taking charge of your travel expenses and/or invitation letter from your partner company in Greece
b. Academic conference:  A letter of acceptance/invitation.
c. Visiting family or friends: A letter of guarantee with the signature of the guarantor authenticated.
d. For minors: Declaration of consent by parents or other legal guardians.


  • The Consular Office reserves the right to ask for further documentation, in addition to the above mentioned.
  • All visa applicants must appear in person in order to submit their application at least 3 weeks prior to their trip.
  • The applicants are requested to obtain an appointment with the officer in charge beforehand.
  • Visa fee, equivalent of 80 Euro (35 Euro for national of Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, F.Y.R.O.M., Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine as well as children from the age of 6 years and below the age of 12 years) is to be paid in yen upon application.

*The amount in yen is subject to change by the exchange rate of the month.
*Visa fee is not refundable once an application has been lodged.

  • All the submitted documents will be non-returnable.

If you need to keep the original documents, please bring both original and a copy of the documents.

  • English or Greek translations are required to all the documents written in other languages.
  • The application may be rejected even though all necessary documentation have been submitted.
  • Result of the application will be informed by email from the Consular section. Please refrain from calling or sending inquiry concerning the progress of the application.
  • Once the visa has been approved and issued, we can mail your passport if you provide us with a self-addressed “Letter Pack 500” envelop, which is available in convenience stores and post offices.

However, the Embassy does not bear responsibility for any delay or losses caused by the postal service.

For the list of countries which require Schengen VISA click here
Should you have any further questions regarding the above or for any clarification you may contact an agent of the Consular Office via telephone at +81(0)3 3403-0871+81(0)3 3403-0871/2, via fax at +81(0)3 3402 4642 or via e-mal at the following address:

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