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Cultural Relations and Greek Community

Greek-Korean cultural relations are regulated by the Cultural Agreement signed on 28 February 1967, which is implemented via three-year Cultural Programmes. At the private University of Hankuk, there is a Greek and Bulgarian Studies Department with a four-year programme of studies covering – in addition to Modern Greek – Greek history and literature. The University of Athens has signed cooperation agreements with four Korean universities.

The Greek community in the Republic of Korea consists of seasonal personnel involved in work on Greek-owned ships at the shipyards of Ulsan, Pusan and Mokpo.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Korea maintains seven churches and one convent. Check the following file to find the address as well as guiding instructions to the Orthodox Cahtedral of St. Nicholas in Seoul.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Korea

Exhibition "The Greeks: from Agamemnon to Alexander the Great" @ Seoul Arts Center, 2019

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