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Vital Records

In general, persons interested in obtaining vital records need to be aware of the following:

• For a vital record (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) to be registered at the Consular Office, the event being recorded needs to have occurred in ROK.

• In obtaining a birth or a marriage certificate, the Greek spouse or parent must appear in person at the Consular Office. If both spouses or parents are Greek, only one of them needs to be present.

A death certificate requires that the relative, funeral home employee or other legally interested party declaring the death appear in person at the Consular Office.

General requirements as to the supporting documents needed by the Consular Offive to register a vital record include verification of the identity of the applicant(s) and evidence of the volition of the applicant(s), as well as verification of the identity of the person concerned in the vital record, as follows:

• Birth Certificate: ID/passport of both parents, documentation of the birth and identity of the child by the competent foreign authority (apostilled).

• Marriage Certificate: ID/passport of both spouses, supporting documents attesting to the performance/declaration of the marriage by the foreign authority (apostilled).

• Death Certificate: ID/passport or other form of identification, complete information regarding and certification of the death of the deceased (apostilled); ID and signed application of the person declaring the death.

For male children: In case that the registration takes place 3 months or more after the actual date of birth, an age verification certificate is issued. Two colour photos of the baby are required.

It is absolutely necessary that for the registration of the above-mentioned events, which took place in ROK, the original Korean documents, duly translated and bearing the apostille stamp should be submitted.

In case a child is out of marriage and the mother is a non-Greek national, the Decentralised Administration, where the father’s Municipality belongs to, must issue a decision on citizenship, under the condition that both parents agree on the greek citizenship of the child.

Fees for Consular Deeds according to the “Presidential Decree No 16/31.01.2014”

Registration of Vital Records
Registration of acts of birth, marriage, death, civil union EUR 10,− plus the fines for late registration as stipulated by the law
Copies of registration acts, in general EUR 10

Please note that all prices mentioned throughout the website are in Euros. The exchange rate changes once a month and the rate is valid throughout that month.

Fees are paid in Korean Won

Please note that we only accept cash.

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