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Notarial Deeds

General Information

Legal Capacity: The signee must have full legal capacity, i.e. mental capacity and be over 18 years without any limitation in the exercise of their rights.

Translation Support: In case the principal/witness does not have full comprehension of Greek language, they must be accompanied by an accredited translator/interpreter who co-signs the deed. The translation cost is payable directly to the translator.
The Consular Office does not provide translator services. Please contact directly the respective British institutes.

Institute of Linguists,
tel. +44 (0)207 940-3100
Institute of Translation and Interpreting,
tel. +44 (0)1908 325250, email:

The DRAFT Power of Attorney is usually drafted by the solicitor or the notary in Greece to the requisite legal standard. Subsequently it must be sent in WORD FORMAT by email to

The total consular fees of the deed depend on the final size of the POA (the total number of pages) as this is resulted by the formatting applied.

Please note: There is often a confusion between a "Power of Attorney" and an "Authorisation" ("Exousiodotisi") document.
To offer some clarity on that, please note that they are two different types of documents. The POA is a notarial deed, a public document, drafted in a designated format and is required for a number of legal actions, such as purchase and sell of property, receipt or renunciation of inheritance, parental gifts, mortgages etc. It is co-signed by the principal, the Consular Officer, and -if necessary- the accredited translator.
The authorisation is a private statement written by the interested party in order to be able to carry out certain affairs in Greece (often more simple ones, such as receipt of documents from Offices, representation by a lawyer in Court). The Consular Office validates only the signature of the signer.
Your solicitor in Greece is the most appropriate person to clarify and confirm which type of document is required for your specific affairs.

For the requirements of each of the notarial deeds, please see the categories below;