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Recognition deed for a child born out of wedlock

The Child Recognition Deed is signed at the Consular Office in the event both parents are Greek nationals and not married at the time of the child’s birth.

If one parent is Greek national and the other parent is a non-Greek national, residents in the UK, and have both signed the child’s British birth certificate, this is regarded as Recognition, and therefore there is no need to sign a Recognition Deed before the Consular Office.

For this deed, you do not need to send a DRAFT document.

For the signing of a Recognition Deed for a child born out of wedlock, the requirements are;

• Physical presence of both parents (not necessarily the child).
• Application form (can be downloaded here).
• Valid passport or Greek police Identity Card.
• Full (Long) Birth Certificate of the child. Translation is not required. For births before 16/02/2019, you must legalise the birth certificate with APOSTILLE ( For births after this date, the Apostille is not required.
• Recent Family Status Certificate of the Greek parent(s) (issued by the Municipality in Greece-not older than 6 months).
• Pre-booked appointment for "Power of Attorney - Notarial Services". For the appointment system, please click here.

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