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Consulate General in Chicago

Curriculum Vitae


Ekaterina Dimakis


1979-1983: Faculty of Political Science, University of Athens, Master’s in Political Science.

1983-1986: Law School, University of Athens, Master’s in Law.

Specialisation in International Law, European Union Law and Law of the Sea.

1987-1990: National School of Administration, Diplomatic School, Athens.


1990-1991: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens: Attaché at the Cabinet of the Secretary General of the Ministry.

1991-1992: Third Secretary at the Cabinet of the Secretary General.

1992         :  Second Secretary at the Greek Mission to the United Nations, N.Y.

1993-1997: First Secretary at the Embassy of Greece, Oslo, Norway:

Deputy Head of Mission (Political, Economic, Cultural, Consular Affairs).

1998-2000: Consulate General of Greece in Adelaide, Australia.


2000-2003: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Counsellor at the B2 Department of Bilateral Economic Cooperation: Deputy Director of Department.

2003-2007: Embassy of Greece in Vienna, Austria. First Counsellor.

Head of Political and Cultural Departments.

2007-2008: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens.

A3 Department of South East Europe. Head of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Section, Head of SEECP-RCC Section.

2008-2009: A10 Department for Asia & Oceania. Head of ASEAN-ASEM Section as well as of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan Section.

2009-2014: Consul General of Greece in Hamburg, Germany.

2014-2017: Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Plenipotentiary.

Director of B6 Department of International Economic & Financial Organizations.

2017- 2019: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deputy Director of A6 Political Department of Middle East and Arab countries.

2019 -   : Consul General of Greece in Chicago, USA.

Languages     : English, French, German, Norwegian (basic), Italian (basic).

Marital Status: Married to Thore Groev with three children.

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