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“My mother’s sin” by G. Vizyenos

Thursday, 22 November 2018

“My mother’s sin” by G. Vizyenos

A world first in English and the United States

The Consulate General of Greece in New York, together with the Columbia University Program in Hellenic Studies proudly presented the theatrical performance of Georgios Vizyenos’s masterpiece “My Mother’s Sin” (November 17, at Columbia University). This was the third out of many performances that are scheduled to travel around the United States and to be presented at universities and a wider audience of Hellenism abroad.

The play is based on the autobiographical short story written by Georgios Vizyenos in 1883. It speaks of forgiveness, guilt, and atonement in a confessional manner. The story probes into a peasant woman's heart-wrenching attempt to atone for the accidental death of her only daughter, while leaving her other three male children feeling stranded.

The 19th-century writer Vizyenos (born in a village called Vizye, hence the name) has been credited with establishing literary realism in Greek fiction. Despite his humble origins, he earned two doctorates and traveled widely. In his first short story (and the title of the play) Vizyenos combines autobiography with an effective use of psychological analysis and suspense.

“My Mother’s Sin” is a solo performance, a world first in English, adapted and played by Rena Kyprioti, while the award-winning composer Nikos Kypourgos have composed the music. The costume, a particular polymorphic artistic design, has been created by Vana Giannoula, an established member of Disney’s costume department. The direction is taken over by the emerging director Danae Roussou.

The series of performances is placed under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism.