Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Notification for hurricane Irma (9/8/2017)

It is forecasted that the S.E States will be hit in the coming days by the hurricane “Irma”, in a general South to North direction. The impact of the hurricane is expected to be particularly strong in Florida, from September 9, as well as in the coast of Georgia and S. Carolina.

In view of the above, the Embassy recommends to Greek citizens to leave the areas that are expected to be hit. It is also recommended to those who planned to travel to the area in the coming days, to postpone their trip. The Embassy advises the Greek citizens in the area to display particular caution, to follow the relevant information and announcements by the U.S federal and state authorities and to follow their instructions and recommendations, in particular with regards evacuation and local shelters. It is recommended to follow the information by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and  NHC (National Hurricane Center).

For emergency situations, it is possible to call the following numbers:

1) Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C:  +1 202 578 3361
2) Consulate General of Greece in Tampa, Florida:  +1 813 690 0188 (for the States of Florida, Alabama, Mississipi)
3) Consulate of Greece in Atlanta, Georgia: +1 470 455 7117 (for the States of Georgia, S. Carolina, Tennessee).