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Verification of the authenticity of foreign documents

The validation of Danish public documents (such as certificates, degrees etc.) to be used by other Greek Authorities, as well as vice – versa, the validation of Greek public documents to be used in Denmark requires the so – called “Apostille” seal, as Greece and Denmark have ratified the Hague Convention. The “Apostille” seal verifies that the document is genuine or a genuine copy of the original document.

The competent Danish Authority for the “Apostille” seal is the Legalisation Department of the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs ( ). Greek documents can be validated with the “Apostille” seal at the offices of the local Greek Authorities (Prefecture – “Nomarhia”).

Regarding translations of valid Danish documents to the Greek language, please note that the Consular Office can only validate translations that bear the stamp of an official translator (state – authorized translator). For information regarding official translators, please visit the following webpage of the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. (

To verify the authenticity of a document issued by a state that has not ratified the Hague Convention, the holder of the document for verification applies to the Consular Office or Greek Consulate in whose region of responsibility the document was issued so that said Consular Office or Consulate can contact the agency that issued the document in question and verify its authenticity. If the authenticity is verified, the Consular Office or Consulate certifies the authenticity of the document.

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