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The Ambassador

Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome Message

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Greece in Japan. Our country is undergoing an important transformation as it gradually emerges from the economic difficulties it experienced recently. With renewed strength it moves ahead towards creating a more vibrant and stable economy with equal burden-sharing among all members of the society.

Greece and Japan have a long tradition of excellent political relations that date back officially 110 years. In the economic sector there are long standing partnerships. Ship building in particular is of great importance as many Greek ship owners choose to build their vessels in Japanese shipyards continuing a relationship that started in the 1950s helping at the time Japan to recover from World War II. Moreover, strong relations in the field of tourism, trade, as well as educational exchanges of students and scientists are being forged and developed further.

We will spare no effort to achieve a higher and more substantial level of cooperation in the coming years. Our priorities include increasing the bilateral trade volume through well targeted initiatives in specific fields and promoting direct investment in both countries.

Furthermore, sharing common values with Japan in many fields, Greece will strive to promote dialogue on environmental issues and sustainability in relation to socio-economic development, for a safer and more prosperous world.

Through our site we will try to provide information on bilateral relations with Japan, consular services, business matters, trade relations and environmental affairs, as well as tourism and cultural exchanges. All our offices in the Embassy would be pleased to assist you on any relevant issue.

Best regards,
Loukas Karatsolis