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The Permanent Representative

The Permanent Representative


Name and surname: Anna Korka

Date and place of Birth:
September 24, 1960, Athens, Hellenic Republic

Academic Background

  • Graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Athens, Department of Greek and French Philosophy and Literature ( 1981).
  • Graduate of the Faculty of  Philosophy and Letters of the University of Athens, Department of History and Archeology. (1985).
  • Master of Arts in History and European literature-University of  Bristol (United Kingdom). (1984).
  • Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic (October 1986).


  • Greek
  • French, English, German

Career in the diplomatic service

  • Since May 2016 till now : Permanent Representative of the Hellenic Republic at the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva
  • April 2013 – May 2016: Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Tunisia.
  • December 2015 : Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary First  Class.
  • September 2012: Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary Second Class.
  • July 2012-April 2013: Director of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, MFA.
  • September 2011-July 2012: General Directorate for Personnel, Administrative Affairs and Organization, MFA.
  • October 2010-August 2011. Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister of State of the Hellenic Republic.
  • September 2010-October 2010: General Directorate for European Union Affairs, MFA.
  • September 2009-August 2010: Director of the YDAS 6 Department (Hellenic Aid).
  • September 2005-2009: Consul General of the Hellenic Republic in Munich, Germany.
  • October 2004-August 2005: Cabinet of the Secretary General of the  MFA.
  • July 2001: Promoted to First Counselor of Embassy.
  • February 2001-October 2004: Deputy Director of the A2 Political Directorate (Relations with Cyprus, Cyprus issue) MFA.
  • July 1999: Promoted to Second Counselor of Embassy.
  • March 1998-January 2001: Embassy of Hellenic Republic in London, UK.
  • August 1996-March 1998: Personnel Directorate MFA.
  • February 1994-July 1996: A1 Political Directorate (Bilateral Relations with European States )  MFA.
  • July 1994: Promoted to First Secretary of Embassy.
  • August 1993-January 1994: A2 Political Directorate (Relations with Cyprus and Turkey), MFA.
  • December 1989-July 1993: Embassy of Hellenic Republic in Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus.
  • July 1992: Promoted to Second Secretary of Embassy.
  • May 1989-December 1989: A5 Political Directorate (Middle East and African Affairs), MFA.
  • December 1987: Promoted to Third Secretary of Embassy.
  • October 1986-May 1989: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ General Inspectorate of the Ministry.
  • October 1986. Embassy Attaché.
  • December 1985-October 1986 : Diplomatic Academy, MFA.

Family Status:
Married to Mr. George  Asimakopoulos.
Mother of two sons.

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