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Economic Affairs

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Established in 1964, after the end of colonialism, UNCTAD promotes the integration of developing countries into the world economy. Today 194 countries are members of the organization. In 2014 (16^th of June) UNCTAD will celebrate its *50^th anniversary*.

Greeceis also a member of the Trade and Development Board of UNCTAD, which oversees the activities of the Organization and convenes once a year usually in September.

UNCTAD is based in three pillars with the aim to provide firstly and most importantly a *forum* for sustainable development:

1. First pillar: Research-policy analysis
2. Second pillar: Capacity building (technical assistance)
3. Third pillar: Intergovernmental deliberations-Consensus building


The annual regular budget of UNCTAD is approximately 68 million US$ plus 40 million US$ for extra budgetary technical assistance.

*New Secretary General*

The Secretary-General of UNCTAD is Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi
<>(Kenya), who took office on *1 September 2013*.

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