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ITU 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The International Telecommunication Union

Greece represented by the Permanent Representative Ambassador Alexis Alexandris, joined the celebrations of ITU’s 150th  anniversary, as one of its 20 founding member states, on the 17th  of May 2015.

1865 has set a milestone in the history of interconnectivity.  It is the year when the first International Telegraph Convention was conducted in order to form a uniform international telegraph system and to ensure - for all telegraph correspondence between the respective States- the benefits of a single and reduced rate, to improve the current conditions of international telegraphy, and to establish a permanent agreement between the States.

150 years later, the question is “which technology has most impact on your life?”. ITU’s services help building bridges –among others- in access of healthcare, farming, road safety, early warning on climate and disaster risk reduction, both in the developed and the developing world.

Greece, a member of the ITU Council, has followed closely the Union’s activities and will continue to do so, in full respect of its historic role and the challenges lying ahead.

The International Telecommunication Union

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