Monday, 19 February 2018


Non Governmental Organizations

The Greek government, a firm believer in the role of the civil society in international life, has a close and extensive cooperation with NGOs. Over the last 10 years, the Greek government has developed an ambitious program of cooperation with local, regional and international Non Governmental Organizations active in various fields, mainly humanitarian assistance, anti-trafficking and international economic development. A considerable number of common projects has already materialised or is under way in Greece or in other countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Burundi.

It is in this spirit that our Mission intends to develop a systematic and mutually enriching dialogue with the society representatives in Geneva and more particularly Non Governmental Organizations active in human rights, disarmament and the humanitarian fields. This, positively oriented exchange of views can obviously develop and contribute, in the framework of international conferences, colloquies, informal meetings or even simple exchange of views and information to  the development of mutual trust and, thus promote the values we share with civil society representatives.

Acknowledging the international role of non state actors, the civil society and in particular NGOs focusing on development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a special department, responsible also for the development of civil society and supporting development NGOs.

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