Saturday, 15 May 2021

International Law and Human Rights


Greece remains completely devoted to the promotion of democratic principles of government, peaceful resolution of disputes, strict adherence to international law and respect for human rights.  

In order to achieve peace and stability in our world, we need a clear legal framework that will determine rights and obligations for all members of the international community, be that states, international organizations, civil society or individuals. In a dramatically changing world we do not have the luxury to take a static approach towards International Law. It is a dynamic process. Greece supports the UN’s leading role in this process and actively participates in all relevant discussions.

Protecting Human Rights is not simply a high priority but a fundamental obligation. Despite the fact that there is an abundance of International Treaties and Conventions aiming to promote Human Rights, these are massively and severely violated on a daily basis.

Human Rights issues tend to be controversial and decision making difficult. However, minimum standards already exist in a legally binding framework of international agreements, protecting individual rights and rights of special groups. We should enforce this framework and actively protect those maltreated.

Last Updated Saturday, 14 March 2015