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Transport of Human Remains

The following documents need to be submitted in order to transport human remains to Greece:

1. Two copies of the death certificate (both documents with Apostille),
2. Two copies of the out-of-state transit permit (both documents with Apostille),
3. Two copies of the embalming certificate (both documents with Apostille),
4. Two copies of the certificate from the county stating that there were no communicable diseases in the past six months and at the time of death (both documents with Apostille) .
5. Authorization by a family member certifying the transport of the remains, attested by notary public or by the Consulate.
6. Document with the flight number and details

The above documents need to be translated and the authenticity of the signature of the translator needs to be certified by the consular office.

Once the documents have been submitted to our office we will issue a certificate for the transport of human remains to Greece.

The remains need to be placed inside a hermetically sealed casket and then in an air tray or wooden box.

For the transport of ashes to Greece, the same documentation is required except for documents 3 and 4, and the ashes are placed in a container and then inside a wooden box. In place of document 3 we will need a certificate from the funeral home that the cremation was performed.

Please contact the relevant Greek Consular Authority in the USA for further information.

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