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National Service Information

For information on military matters and legislation in general, please visit the official website of the Legal  Service of the Ministry of Defense:

Certificate of Permanent Resident Abroad for military use

All male Greek citizens, aged between 19 and 45, are required to serve in the Armed Forces. Greek citizens living outside of Greece have the right to postpone their conscription. They are permanently exempted from their military obligations when they reach the age of 45 years old.  The postponement is granted with the certificate of permanent residence abroad, issued only by the Greek Consular Authorities. The supporting documents are filed only once and not every year.

Most important prerequisites to qualify as Permanent Resident Abroad:

a. You have been living permanently outside of Greece for at least eleven (11) years immediately prior, in one or more countries.

You are permitted to stay in Greece, within each calendar year, up to 6 months.

b. You have been working systematically on a full-time basis and have been living continuously outside of Greece for at least seven (7) years in one or more countries.

Years of study abroad and part-time student jobs are NOT included in the 7-year systematic work scheme.

The maximum period that the individual is allowed to stay in Greece within every calendar year is up to 6 months.

The Consular Authority to which you should apply for the issuance of a certificate of permanent residence abroad for military use is dependent on the State where you last resided. In case you have lived in other US States or other countries in the past, you should first contact the corresponding Greek Consular Authority to confirm the years spent in these areas.


a. Application for the issuance of a certificate of permanent resident abroad by the Consulate (click here ) and application for the Military Service to grant the postponement of military conscription(click here).

b. Certificate of enrollment in male registers of any Municipality in Greece and, if any, a photocopy of a Greek ID or Tax Identification Number or any form sent by the Military Service.

c. Photocopies of all pages of your passports (Greek, American or other, even those expired, regarding your years of residence outside Greece).

d. If you are not an American citizen, green card or visa (the document from US Authorities), for all the years you wish to be included.

e. If you were a student in the years you lived outside of Greece: official transcripts from High Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc., of each year to be computed (not diplomas or degrees, but official transcripts). Schools from Kindergarten to Middle schools do not provide official scores. In this case, you will need to apply for a formal certificate, which indicates all those years you were a full-time student.

f. If you have worked outside Greece, you must provide the Social Security Statement (available at and the W2 forms.

If you apply for a permanent resident's certificate due to 7-year full-time employment, continuous and systematic work proof is required. This includes attestations from your employers, certified by a notary public or verification of employment from the Human Resources Department, where the period you have worked to date, your position in the company and your scope of work should be mentioned. If you are self-employed (e.g. a company owner), you must provide the Company's statute as well as your tax returns.

g. For each month of the current year only, you will need to provide bank statements which are under your name that shows transactions or forms of any bills/accounts you pay each month (you can print them from the internet).

h. You may submit any other evidence that you live permanently outside Greece, such as a birth certificate abroad, a contract for renting or buying a house, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate of your children etc.

ATTENTION: For all the years you wish to be counted and you were under 18 years old, both parents must send proper documentation (the Social Security Statement and both copies of the 1st and 2nd pages of tax returns 1040, as well as passports, see paragraphs b and f).

I. Cost of the Consular Official: € 50

The Consular bill is paid, in cash, in US dollars or money order payable to the respective Consulate. Check the euro/dollar exchange rate on our website

The certificate of permanent residence abroad is issued by the Consulate and is sent to the appropriate Military Service in Greece. The Consulate will inform you as soon as it receives the certificate of the postponement of your conscription.

Please note that all prices mentioned throughout the website are in Euros. The exchange rate changes once a month and the rate is valid throughout that month. This page will be updated at the first of each month.

The exchange rate for April 2021 is:
1 EURO = 1.20 USD for Consular Service
1 EURO = 1.20 USD for the Visa Section

Please note that we only accept cash or money orders payable to "Embassy of Greece" or the respective Consulate or General Consulate of Greece.

We DO NOT accept credit cards, debit cards or personal checks.