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Cultural Relations and Greek Community

There is a Centre for Modern Greek Language and Culture in the Slavic University of Baku, with about 50 students.

The Greek Diaspora in Azerbaijan comprises, according to the estimates of the president of the Hellenic Association “Argo”, around 500 people and it is mainly concentrated in Baku and its suburbs. The origins of the majority of its members can be traced back to the end of the 19th century, or beginning of the 20th century, when their most recent ancestors, of Pontian Greek origin, migrated from the wider Black Sea area to Baku, in their effort to profit from the economic prosperity of the city at that time. Some of them come also from Georgia. Russian is the most frequently spoken language between them.

Contact point:
Saida Mehdiyeva
President of the Hellenice Association “Argo”
Mob.: 00994 50 390 3604
Fax: 00994 12 492 4835
(Embassy fax number, in case you refer to “Argo”, please specify)
Email: and

By a series of initiatives and actions the Embassy of Greece in Baku aims constantly at forging stronger ties between the members of the Association and motherland Greece. In this spirit:
- it organized Greek language and Greek folklore dance courses
- it installed satellite antenna on the premises of the Association for receiving and displaying Greek TV channels
- it supports and maintains the proper infrastructure of the community
- it implements, with the assistance of the General Secretariat of the Greek Diaspora, recreation periods in certain camps all over Greece for students and minors of Greek origin
- it hosts luncheons.

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