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Participation in a EU Delegation's Competition

Wednesday, 08 July 2015

The summer season is traditionally the season when people venture on travels inside and outside their home countries. EU countries rank among the world's prime tourist destinations as they are featuring both historical, architectural, landscape, cultural and culinary highlights. Thanks to new infrastructure, travel links and the recently enacted visa facilitation it has never been so easy to travel between EU-countries and Azerbaijan, something that we very much hope will contribute to strengthening people to people contacts. We very much hope that the new visa facilitation and readmission agreement signed between the EU and Azerbaijan in 2014 that reduces the administrative and financial barriers for travels of the Azerbaijani citizens to the Schengen area and vice versa. In order to find out what this means in practice we would like to conduct a short survey to learn about your favourite travel destinations in the EU and the motivation behind your choices. We hope you will find the time to answer 3 short questions that will automatically make you eligible for participation in a prize-winning competition (please indicate in your answer if you do not want to participate), where the lucky winner will receive an iPhone 5S . Deadline for submission of entries will be 15 July at 14.00.

1. What is your favourite travel destination in the European Union (this can be a city, region or country)?
2. Why do you like this particular destination and how have you found out about it ?
3. For which group of potential travellers this destination might be most interesting?

The winner will be randomly selected among the applicants with participation of at least 3 employees of the EU Delegation. All the procedures and results will be duly recorded. The decision of the jury is final with no legal grounds to contest the decision of the jury.

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