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Procedure of issuance of Schengen visas for seafarers

Applications for entry and signing-on of aliens subject to visa requirements in order to embark on a ship shall be examined if:

Α. the following documents are directly sent to the competent consular authority:

1. Application by the shipping company or a duly authorized shipping agent, required to have a shipping agent permission by the competent port authority, indicating the seafarer’s full details including:

- The seafarer’s identity (Name, Surname, Nationality, Date of birth, Passport number, Rank/Grade),

- Date of applicant’s entry into the Schengen/Greek territory and signing-on,

- Details of the shipping agent of the country where the visa is to be issued,

- Vessel’s name, registration number, flag under which the vessel is sailing, and IMO number (where applicable).

- Scheduled date of vessel’s arrival in the port where the seafarer is to sign on,

- Scheduled date of vessel’s departure,

2. Formal declaration signed by the shipping company or its representative or a duly authorized shipping agent, in the form of a solemn declaration as per Law 1599/1986 (legalization by public authority not required), confirming that the seafarer signs on upon an invitation, as well as their responsibility for the expenses of the stay and, if necessary, for the repatriation costs of the seaman.

Β. The seafarer signing on presents himself before the consular authority with the following documents:

3. Duly completed form and signed copy of harmonized uniform-visa application form (Article 11 and Annex Ι of the Community Code on Visas – Official Journal of the European Union L 243/1 -15.9.2009), along with a recent colour photograph, size 40 mm x 60 mm.

4. A valid passport or other travel document recognised by our country, in compliance with those listed in the table of travel documents subject to a visa enabling third country nationals to cross the Union’s external borders, with a period of validity that shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure, and containing at least two blank pages and issued within the previous 10 years (Article 12 of the Community Code on Visas – Official Journal of the European Union L 243/1 -15.9.2009).

5. Valid Seaman’s Book.

6. A medical fitness certificate from a recognised state or private establishment certifying the absence of any disease that might be a risk to public health, according to the international situation and the World Health Organisation, as well as of any other infectious or parasitic diseases, which impose the taking of measures for the protection of public health.

7. Any additional documents requested by the competent consular authority depending on local provisions or the applicant’s nationality.

8. A copy of the seafarer’s contract or letter of appointment.

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