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Moving Residence to Greece


Individuals (citizens of any European Union member State, Greek citizens or persons married to a Greek citizen) that are residents abroad and wish to settle permanently in Greece, are exempted from import taxation on their personal belongings (furniture, car e.t.c.). This right is granted only once per family.

Permanent residence is the place where an individual is domiciled for at least 185 days in a twelve month period and where he holds personal and professional bonds.

The right for domicile transfer exemptions is founded on proof of residence and work of the applicant himself or his family, for the last two years before settling in Greece:

Documents required:

  • Personal Statement (to be filled at the Consulate)
  • Passport or Identity Card
  • P60 or Self Assesment documents for the last two years before settling in Greece and certificate of termination of work (P45).
  • Council Tax receipts for the last 2 years  before settling in Greece for either self owned property or a leasing agreement.
  • Public Utility bills

In special cases other documents may be requested as proof of holding close bonds with the place of residence.

In case a private use car, motorbike or motorcycle, pleasure boat or private aircraft are transported, documents proving the full and exclusive ownership of the vehicle for a period of at least six months before the application date are required, as well as:

  • Registration license of the vehicle in the name of the applicant issued by the relevant B Belgian authority covering a period of at least six months before the application date.
  • Driver’s license valid for the above mentioned period.

The application for the certificate for domicile transfer exemptions may also be submitted to the relevant E3 directorate of the MFA in Greece.

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