Montag, 23 Januar 2017
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The fear of violence by third parties must be eliminated from the map of Cyprus

The system of guarantees is outdated. Every Cypriot must feel secure. The best guarantee of citizens rights is the EU. We also propose a specific Friendship Agreement between Cyprus, Turkey & Greece... - Read FM N.Kotzias intervention at the Geneva Conference on the Cyprus problem (12/01/2017)

We need a viable solution for Cyprus, without occupation forces and intervention rights

Read Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias statements and responses to journalists questions following his meetings in New York (New York, 6 January 2017)


Ministerpräsident Alexis Tsipras besuchte am 16.-17 Dezember Berlin.

We need to promote the positive agenda in EU-Arab world relations

The second field of EU cooperation with the Arab world concerns what is now called the spirit of Rhodes... - Read Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias statements to journalists during the 4th EU-Arab League Ministerial Meeting (Cairo, 20 December 2016)

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Educational and Cultural Tourism-Routes in Greece

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