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Sports Diplomacy - Olympic Games

Greece, as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Idea and classical athletics, has a long tradition in organizing and participating in major sporting events. The Foreign Ministry, together with other, co-competent Ministries, handles issues that concern international sports relations and events, the Olympic Games, the Olympic Truce initiative, and the preparation and conclusion of international sports cooperation agreements.

Included in this general framework are:

• Cooperation, in international organizations, with the country hosting Olympic Games, on issuing the Olympic Truce resolution. In this context, on November 2017, in New York City, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution “Build a peaceful and better world through Sports and the Olympic Ideal” submitted by the Republic of Korea, ahead of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Another resolution was adopted in the General Assembly of the UN in New York “Athletic competition as a mean to promote education, health, development and peace” submitted by the Greek delegation to the UN in cooperation with the Permanent delegation of Monaco (Dec. 6th 2016). Moreover, in March 2016, in Geneva, the Council of Human Rights of the UN adopted a greek resolution on promoting human rights through sports and the Olympic Ideal.

• Examination of the course of candidacies for hosting of future international sporting events and monitoring of the preparations for events once a venue has been decided.

• Cooperation with Japan ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

• Cooperation with the Greek Olympic and Paralympic Committees as well as the Federations and Associations of individual sports.

• Cooperation with the International Olympic Truce Centre (‘Ekecheiria’).

• Cooperation with foreign Embassies in Greece and consultation concerning the specific security measures to be taken for sports delegations competing in our country.

• Preparation of bilateral agreements on sports cooperation.