Thursday, 18 July 2019
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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Terens Quick on visit to Singapore (29 March 2019)

Friday, 29 March 2019

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Terens Quick visited Singapore, on 29 March where he met with his counterpart, Sam Tan. During their meeting, the upgrading and acceleration of economic and commercial relations between Greece and Singapore were agreed, as well as a Greek business mission to be carried out at the end of May and a Singaporean business mission to Athens in the fall of 2019.

The two Deputy Ministers confirmed the excellent level of political and diplomatic relations between the two countries, and also discussed acceleration of pending issues that exist with regard to the agreement for the avoidance of double taxation, the maritime agreement, as well as Mr Quick's proposal to conclude an agreement between the port authorities of Singapore and Piraeus. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs invited his counterpart to carry out an official visit to Athens in the near future.

More specifically, with regard to the Greek business mission to Singapore, Mr Quick had a working meeting at the country's Chamber of Industry, during which its President, Teo Eng Cheong, confirmed his full support. He also presented the areas of interest which he would like for the members of the Greek delegation to cover, such as energy, smart automation, building materials, electric and electronic products, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging, tourism, etc. Finally, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs had a meeting with the Metropolitan of Singapore, Konstantinos, and visited the exhibition of goods from Epirus that was organised at a centrally located hotel in Singapore. Concluding his visit, the Deputy Minister stated the following:

“I was especially happy to see a large number of entrepreneurs from Epirus here in Singapore, with all the products that are representative of their region. But I was mainly pleased to see a room packed with Singaporean entrepreneurs who showed great interest in wine, cheese, jams, honey, standardised regional delicacies from Epirus such as eel, trout, bream, and lest I forget desserts from Ioannina such as baklava. I congratulate those who had the idea for this business mission, given that Singaporeans are demanding connoisseurs”.