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Foreign Ministry announcement on the 36th anniversary of the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state in Cyprus

Friday, 15 November 2019

Today marks the sad anniversary of the declaration of the pseudo-state in the occupied territory of Cyprus by Turkey, a reminder to the international community of the flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and of International Law that has been ongoing for 36 years.

UN Security Council Resolutions 541/1983 and 550/1984 expressly condemned this illegal, secessionist and invalid entity. As required by international legality, the UN has also called upon all states not to recognize the illegal entity or assist it in any way. The sole, deplorable exception disregarding these Resolutions is Turkey.

The Republic of Cyprus is currently facing new provocations and violations of its sovereignty and sovereign rights by the occupying power. Cyprus, a Member State of the United Nations and of the EU, does not stand alone against these challenges. Turkey must realise that escalating illegalities and provocations cannot but lead to a proportionate escalation of international reactions against it. International Law exists in order to be implemented. It must be implemented by all, in full and not selectively.

Greece will never accept and acknowledge the consequences of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. Greece’s national objective remains always the restoration of international legality on the island, the termination of the occupation, the abolition of the absolutely anachronistic system of guarantees and intervention rights, and the achievement of an agreed, viable and functional solution to the Cyprus issue on the basis of the UN Security Council Resolutions.

Greece will continue to stand by the Republic of Cyprus and will firmly, honestly, responsibly and always ready to support the initiatives of the UN Secretary-General for the resolution of the Cyprus issue and the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of International Law and the European acquis.